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Margie Abadilla

Travel seeker. TV fanatic. Goal getter.
Margarita (Margie) Abadilla knows how to run a successful business. Though she’s only been contracted with Ohio National since 2018, Margie has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Her San Jose-based agency Abadilla, Inc. has built a blueprint for a five-year strategic plan with a goal of making $4.1 million in NAFYC and $8.1 million in annualized target premium – and to help female financial professionals build their own businesses.

“Our mission is to put more women in the workplace through Abadilla, Inc.,” says Margie. “We care to help women realize their dream and aspirations to own a business using our model of small group one-on-one mentoring and training.”

“My work in financial services has truly touched many lives in my community, especially the multicultural and women’s markets,” she continues. “Our experience and success have made a difference in attracting women advisors. I have inspired them to duplicate my success story from what I have accomplished over the last 30-plus years. The women we have recruited have reached new heights of personal and professional development.”

In her spare time, Margie enjoys traveling with her husband Milo. On weekends, you can find her watching TV (which includes her favorite Filipino soap opera) or playing golf. And to relax, she walks four miles every morning in her neighborhood with her spaniel dog, Bailey. Margie is also passionate about giving back to her community and volunteers with the San Jose Animal Care Center.

Margie values her relationship with Ohio National, including the training the company provides, the underwriting process and the various online resources and tools. But the most important factor is the independence. “Our company goal and business model fits with what Ohio National offers,” she says. “The levels of producer contracts available provides choices for those seeking different levels of commitments on how they can conduct their business.”

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