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Carlos Vides

Financial professional. Daddy extraordinaire. Motivational Speaker
Carlos Vides has been committed to the financial services industry for many years. More importantly, he is committed to impacting lives, especially within the Latino community. He has spent several years advising business owners and families on protecting their interests.

“I recently met a 34-year-old Latino small business owner with two children under the age of 16,” says Carlos. “He was immensely proud to be the owner of a $1 million business and that his home is completely paid off. However, he had no life insurance, no disability income insurance and no will. I’m proud that I helped educate him to make sure his five children will be financially protected if something were to happen to him.”

Though Carlos is one of the most well-known, well-respected Latino businesspeople in Kansas City, he remains humble. “I’m just very sincere,” he says. “I mentor young people and I encourage them to overcome obstacles. I also share my own story.”

His is truly a story worth sharing. Carlos came to the U.S. from Honduras at 16 with no money and very little knowledge of the English language. Over time, he learned to speak English and built a career as a businessman and entrepreneur.

This “can do” spirit of overcoming obstacles has served Carlos well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since in-person interactions have been limited, he has leveraged social media and his community contacts to develop a series called Telling Inspirational Stories. “The idea behind these interviews is to spotlight Latino business people as they make a difference in our new world and focus on future strategies,” he says.

Carlos says his greatest joy is his family, including his two daughters – Gabriella, 16, and Isabella, 20 – who are both accomplished Irish dancers. Aside from volunteering in the community, Carlos is clear that he is “100% dedicated” to his family.

Carlos believes that one of the greatest benefits a financial services career offers is the flexibility. It affords him the opportunity to spend time with his daughters and fully support their hobbies, interests and education. 

“Ohio National makes it very easy for me to operate and mentor my customers,” he says. “An important part of my mission is to educate and empower the Hispanic community, and Ohio National has supported me fully with the service I need!” 

Ohio National is honored to support Carlos as he builds his business his way.

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