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Whole Life

Ohio National's five Prestige Whole Life policies are designed to align

Our expertise in designing efficient, focused life insurance products shines through in the Prestige Whole Life series. Whether your clients are in need of guaranteed protection, flexible income solutions, or rich living benefits, we have a whole life product aligned to their goals.

Ohio National's long history of paying dividends and practice of non-direct recognition further enhances  these products ability to provide long-term value and help meet your clients' permanent life insurance needs.

With access to eIllustration, eApp and policy eDelivery, doing business with Ohio National is quick and easy for you and your clients.

Limited Pay Whole Life

These products are designed for clients who want a limited premium commitment on a guaranteed basis, and are more focused on the policy’s long-term cash accumulation and distribution potential than on the initial amount of purchased death benefit protection.

Prestige 10 Pay II – Paid up after 10 years
Prestige 20 Pay –
Paid up after 20 years
Prestige Max III –
Paid up at age 65

All three stand out for:

  • Guaranteed short payment structures and strong dividend earning opportunities
  • Efficient designs optimized for competitive long-term death benefit leverage, strong internal rates of return, and high cash flow potential
  • A built-in Preferred Loan feature that reduces borrowing costs, improving the policy’s income distribution capabilities
  • Chronic and terminal illness benefits through an Accelerated Benefits Rider (ABR), offered at no additional premium cost

Lifetime Pay Whole Life

Utilize the base design of each product when your client wants competitive long-term value for guaranteed death benefit protection. Customize them with a wide-array of riders to shift the design towards premium reduction, premium flexibility, shorter non-guaranteed payment structures, or higher cash accumulation and distribution potential.

Prestige 100 II – Higher long-term base policy values through stronger dividends
Prestige Value IV –
Lowest-premium participating whole life policy

Both products offer:

  • Competitive guaranteed premiums to, and endowment at, age 100
  • Strong long-term internal rates of return on protection and cash values
  • Extensive customization opportunities through riders
  • Chronic and terminal illness benefits through an Accelerated Benefits Rider (ABR), offered at no additional premium cost

Customize with three Paid-up Additions (PUA) Riders

Each premium payment purchases additional paid-up whole life. PUAs not only increase the policy’s cash value and death benefit, but they are able to generate additional dividends for the policy over time. Within guidelines, these riders can be combined on the same policy to better align it to client goals.

  • Flexible - Pay up to four unscheduled premiums each policy year
  • Level - Steady, scheduled PUA purchases. Eligible for Waiver of Premium coverage.
  • Single – A one-time purchase made in the first policy year. Commonly used with 1035 exchanges.

Blend in Term with Protector Plus (Not available on Prestige Value IV)

Term blends can help you accomplish a wide range of policy design goals. By itself, it has the potential to reduce the premium required to support your client’s protection goals. When paired with the Level PUA Rider, it can accelerate the policy’s cash accumulation and dividend growth. It can also help you increase a policy’s premium capacity without violating Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) limits.

Additional optional riders for the full Prestige Whole Life series

  • Guaranteed Purchase Option (GPO) Rider
  • Waiver of Premium for Total Disability (WPD) Rider (5-year Own Occupation)
  • Children’s Term Life Insurance Rider


Whole life is issued by The Ohio National Life Insurance Company. Guarantees are based upon the claims-paying ability of the issuer. Dividends are not guaranteed. Product, product features and rider availability vary by state. Company not licensed to conduct business in New York.