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Therese Rothenberger

Coach. Mentor. Female empowerer.
Passion, progress and perseverance have helped to shatter the ceiling for women! There is no limit to what can be accomplished with hard work and determination. I was mentored very early in my career to believe that anything is possible. Our industry has changed...and it is fantastic to see women leaders all over financial services and at Ohio National. For the first time in 112 years a woman has been number one in sales for two consecutive years. How is awesome is that!  

I have been blessed to play a small role in helping and empowering women and other professionals. Coaching others and encouraging a career path as a financial professional can be a bit scary at times, but it is so very rewarding. One woman I worked with took the leap of faith and earned her insurance license while working part time in the school system. Within two years, she had tripled her income! She once told me, “instead of teaching in the classroom, I’m teaching in the living rooms of my clients! I am making a huge difference in the lives of others.”

When I joined Ohio National 16 years ago, there was only one other female in sales and distribution and two women in senior management roles. Fast forward to 2021. We now have four female Regional Vice Presidents in sales and recruiting, at least a dozen women in senior management leading key areas of our company and a female President and CEO running the company!  

There’s a genuine feeling of family, accountability and PRIDE at our company with a robust posse of ‘go get ‘em’ professional women who support and genuinely care about one another, both professionally and personally. At Ohio National, we work hard, play hard and take care of our families!

Ohio National is proud that Therese is an influential member of our leadership team. We celebrate her accomplishments and the strides that women are making throughout our industry.

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