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Jose Molina

Teacher. Mentor. Energetic leader. Father to be.
It would make sense to refer to Jose Molina as a “compass” to many in the Oregon Latinx community. He has a special talent and passion for making sure his clients, colleagues and family members are pointed in the right direction of their goals and dreams – no matter what those goals and dreams are.

 “A young Latino business owner recently reached out to me to purchase insurance,” says Jose. “After a brief conversation about his business and assets, which included three houses, I discovered he was operating as a sole proprietorship instead of as an LLC. I was happy to educate him on the benefits of separating his business affairs from his personal assets.”

Jose is proud of the fact that he has become a trusted influencer, particularly within the Latinx community. His firm rests on a foundation of three client-focused goals: 1) educate, 2) organize and 3) create strategies.

These goals, combined with his passion and energy, have positioned Jose to be a blessing to many. Not only does he offer wise counsel on financial protection and goal setting, but he also teaches a free monthly class in business 101 and marketing for business owners. Currently, the number of businesses on the waiting list to enroll in his class stands at 80 – and it’s still growing!

As a true servant leader born in Guatemala, Jose is a board member of the local chamber and the current president of the Latino Chamber of Hillsboro. Although he remains active with community organizations in addition to running his business, he is clear that his family is his #1 priority. He and his wife of nearly two years are expecting their first child in December.

“We are truly excited about the arrival of our daughter this December 2020! Family is so very important,” says Jose. “That’s why I carve out non-negotiable quality time with my wife, family and in-laws every single week.”

Jose says that Ohio National is the absolute “best fit” for him. He has built his firm as a one-stop shop for his clients. As such, his vision is to offer a plethora of products and services to his clients.

“Ohio National is home for me,” he says. “They have knowledgeable, supportive people who allow me to run my business my way, and offer my clients the products and services that best fit their needs. I have a great team behind me at Ohio National, and I’m excited about what we’re building.”

Ohio National is honored to support Jose as he builds his business his way.

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